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    My new mousie is named Mimichu or Mimi for short. Mimi means big ears. Well she does not have exceptionally big ears, but she sure is cute! She has gorgeous fur that looks metallic and changes colors as she moves. She is a Lilac colored Satin. Here she is!










    Ohh how cute, I had a regular filed mouse as pet when I was about nine years old and he lived for about five years and then he died with cancer.
    The cats never bothered him even when my four year old little sister decided to set him free (this was after watching Free Willy) he found his way into the utility room and thats where we found him in my dads overalls in the washer.
    He got into the overalls while they were laying on the bedroom floor and was carried onkowingly by my mother into the utility room where he found himself in the washer machine as it was filling up.
    We got him out before he was hurt but it sure was funny looking he looked like we’d perpously tried to kill him all wet and draggled.
    He never offered to bite like some of the hamsters and such that you can buy at the pet shop.
    He was sweet and tiny even full grown, his name was Squeaker…..



    That is really cool you had a field mouse! Squeaker must of been young when you found him. I think 5 years is pretty good for a mouse to live. Which is much longer than a domesticated would live. It is very sad to see them have cancer or tumors though. Wow that is a miracle you saved him from the washer! I bet he looked so terrified! Yet so adorable.

    I tried hand raising a pinky mouse that my kitten found and was batting around. I kept him warm and fed him. I had him for over a week. Enough time for him to grow a coat of fur. Winter was around the corner and it was very cold outside, as well as in the room too. I wasnt being very careful and I got it too hot for him. He died of dehydration. I felt very bad. I was getting very attached to the little booger. He was starting to bond with me too. So it made me cry and I buried him under an angel statue.

    I have no problems with any of the mice ive had. They are always friendly even the nervous ones. Their curiosity seems to overcome their fear. They are social and do not bite. With a little patience they become very use to people and love to climb on you to play. They are also pretty smart too. I had a couple of mine doing a trick I taught them. They would climb up on the tank screen on command and walk upside down on it! So cute!

    Hamsters I havent had any luck with. They bite or run away frantically. Of course these are pet store hamsters. A good breeder would breed and raise them to be friendly. I kinda like the little dwarf hamsters. They are so cute.

    You should take your sister to see the new free willy movie!!! Or maybe not…she might let your crabs go free! :p



    HA HA HA you are funny, she is seventeen and completely freaked out by my hermit crabs I can’t get one near her.LOL
    I don’t think she’d be apt to that again…..



    Hehe :p Well now you have hermit crabs as a weapon so she wouldnt ever try that again!!

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