Missing fur.

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    I am new here, and I tried searching all over the internet but figured I could get the best answer here.

    I currently have 2 female mice living in fairly large cage for it being just them. I’ve had Dinah for 2 months, and Simba for about a month and a half. I always see them sleeping together, never hearing many squeaks, or seeing fighting. However, I occasionally notice Dinah chewing/biting/licking Simba (not sure which she is actually doing). But Simba doesnt fight back or squeak. But about an hour ago I noticed Simba’s left cheek where he whiskers are is all skin, her fr is gone. And there is a small patch of fur missing from near her neck.

    Sorry this kinda long, but can anyone tell me what this is, and what I should do?
    Thanks guys! :]

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