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    Hello all! Obviously, I’m new here. If anybody reading this lives in Fort Myers, Florida, and happen to love mice, you might be able to help me 🙂

    I’m kind of a bleeding heart, and have got myself into one heck of a predicament. But once you hear my story, you won’t be able to blame me.

    I work at a Petco in Fort Myers. Recently, our vendor for our small animals has been making mistake after mistake and sending us pregnant animals. First, two rats. Now, two mice. And recently, one more mouse.

    She is an adorable little black and white fancy mouse :). The previous animals, we put into our infirmary until they gave birth, took care of them and their babies and then adopted them out/sold them.

    But this mouse, I guess, was the last straw for my store’s GM. I can only assume he was tired of using resources and space meant for sick animals to bring pregnant females accidentally shipped to us to term, so he told us, to my horror, that if anybody comes in wanting a feeder mouse for their snake, that we should sell her first.

    I had no choice, I HAD to save her. She’s in a cute little critter trail as we speak, in my walk-in closet, in labor right now. She’s restless, tired, and starting to build a nest.

    I have no issues with people feeding other animals to their carnivorous pets – but good god, have a heart! Feeding a momma and her unborn children to a snake just seems unnecessarily cruel to me :(. The past few days my mind wandered back to thinking about her, hoping that nobody would come in wanting a feeder and instead wanting a pet, but tonight I saw her looking worse for wear and I knew the babies were coming soon.

    If I didn’t sell her then, she’d give birth in a tank full of other females that would happily eat her children. If I did sell her…well, I can’t really decide which fate was worse for the babies, I just knew I didn’t want either to happen.

    My original intent was to release them into a pretty forest once they were old enough so they could be happy and free, but after research I learned that captive bred mice don’t do well at all in the wild – which didn’t surprise me, but I was hoping nonetheless.

    I need to find a home for her and her babies. I don’t have room or space to have cages for the females, males, and the mother when the time comes to separate them. If ANYBODY can help me, and give this cute little mouse the good home she deserves, I would be very grateful. Or if anyone knows of a no-kill shelter or rescue that takes the little critters in too…I’m more than willing to give the entire cage and all to whomever wants to give this mama a forever home :).



    I have found PetCo to be extremely bad with mice. I’ve bought more than one “female” that turned out to be male (now I check). I’ve also heard stories of people bringing their babies to PetCo to be adopted to good homes only to see them being sold as snake food. I’ve complained to the office of the president and they wanted to give me a lot of free stuff, which I refused and said all I wanted was for them to take better care of their animals, or I would post my experience on every animal web site I could find.

    If your PetCo is better than what I’ve seen, you could maybe give the babies back, after they are weaned and they could sell them to caring owners. If they sell mice as snake food, that wouldn’t be a good idea.

    I’m sorry I can’t take any, I live in Boulder, CO.

    Good Luck,

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