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    Its a long freaking story but to make it short I let not so good people watch my rats for me. Well I rehomed 8 of my rats to a very awesome rescue and now they are in a forever home thats just great. I kept 11 thinking I could handle that much. I was to overwhelmed by so many rodents which is why I rehomed some. The ones i rehomed to the rescue were aggressive and skittish too. They have worked with them alot. Only one girl is still aggressive but they are working with her. Anyways, I left (no one needs to know details about why) for 6 weeks. I needed someone to watch my rodents for me. I trusted these awful people. Only after I came back did I find out they were not a rescue at all but breeder feeders. They have literally put me through hell since i have been back. They have changed their story so many times and keep getting caught in lies. So I am to the point that i am going up there (they live 1 hour away) and seeing if they have my rats. Not sure if my rats are even still alive but i need to find out. But this has been horrible for me. I have learned to really do research and checks on people claiming to be a rescue.

    So anyways, I come back and my vet calls me and says someone who works for her has a rat they wanna find a good home for and they wanted to contact me. Well i figured i wasnt getting my others back so I said yes. Hes young but definatly not a baby. I named him Rufio and he is just the happiest rat. Even before I got him his 2 little buddies he was always just so happy and bouncing and so licky. Well I got him 2 friend Cuddles and Snuggles. All 3 of my boys lick and bounce and are just happy go lucky rats. Although Rufio has to the happiest. Hes so goofy sometimes. Anyways I will post pictures when I get more time. But yeah I got 3 new boys who are just amazing.

    Rufio is a black capped blazed boy.
    Snuggles is a beige berkshire
    Cuddles is a beige hooded

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