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    howdy all im JJ nd wd like to introduce my boys.
    due to a horrific pet shop incident i rescued a champaigne rat which i named chester unfortunatly due to illegal breeding and conditions he has barberism which is where he chews his fur out and he has very bad microplasmia neither of which gets in his way as he is on medication and is looked after and spoilt. I however noticed he was getting a bit lonely so got two more males to keep him company. Apollo who is my cinnaman is the biggest of the boys and chronos who is my baby black rex. they all get on wonderfuly together and neither of the youngsters are at all rough at play with chester so its a big happy family. and yes i do spoil them with treats, their fav is baby food which they get a little of once a week and its gone within five mins they love it that much 🙂
    well thats my little family.

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