My cat saved me

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    My cat saved me.

    It sounds weird when I tell this story.
    ‘Cos cats don’t usually.
    But Mikey is special.
    He was only a baby at the time. Six months.

    I was only six or something. Maybe eight actually.
    So I was walking to school one morning. I didn’t see this car coming. I was so dumb not to!
    I’d only just turned eight.
    My dog Harry had just died:( (RIP BIG GUY X)

    So I was walking up the lane.
    And this car shot round the corner.
    I was in the middle of the road…
    Mikey made a big REEEEE OWWWWW noise.
    Really, um, strange!
    So I turned.
    The car was really really coming fast.
    But Mikey had made me see it;
    And I got out of the way sharpish.

    Maybe he hadn’t meant to?
    maybe it was just coincidence?
    But I like to think it wasn’t.
    Mikey’s four now. I still love him. Like mad.



    Animals have a sense about these things. I would chalk it up to him trying to save you.



    I dunno… I think my cat wouldn’t care if I lived or died. Lol.



    Really like a fiction, not true things! But sometimes it really happens. Your cat was so small when all that happened!!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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