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    Well I thought since I am bored and this forum is basically dead I would post updates. I do have new pictures but they are so big. I will post pictures eventually.

    Anyways my 5 cats are doing great. Felix, Tasha, Victoria, Ninja and Sly! Sly is around 5-6 months old I believe and we are getting him fixed here in a few weeks. We didnt mean to wait so long but we needed the money. Anyways nothing new to much.

    Sly loves human food. When he was smaller he would jump on shoulder while i was eating and try to get my food. I swear the little booger will eat anything. Oddly enough he doesnt like meat to much. He loves bread though haha, hes a strange one.

    Tasha is doing wonderful. After her near death experience I was so worried. Wondering if we would have to put her back on that pill again cuz the vet said she might have to be on it the rest of her life. Well shes more spunky now then when we first found her so go figure that lol. The precious cat beat death and she is our miracle kitty for sure.

    Nothing new with Felix and Victoria. Except both have put on some weight. They are both around 9-10 pounds now. Tasha is 12 pounds, Ninja is 16 pounds and hes pure muscle i might add lol. Sly we dunno really. Hes grown since he last went to the vet. But I am guessing 5-7 pounds already. Hes chunking up for sure hehe.

    Traci still has Elvira, Mindy and Bobbi. All 3 are doing great. Shes had some problems with Elvira peeing and pooping in her living room but shes dealing with it. I miss all 3 and i hate to admit it but our apartment really cant have more then 5 cats lol. Although i would personally love more.

    Oh well, thats it i suppose. I will try to remember pictures sometime soon.



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