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    So… i have had my chinchillas for about 2 and half years and have had the hardest time trying to get them to understand that i won’t harm them or do anything to them, i have done everything, letting them adapt to their environment, lore them in with treats, tryed teaching them, and tryed getting even a finger away from petting them. none of these work in anyway, they show no affection towards me nor anyone or anything they see but themselves. This is getting on my nerves considering how much effort and time i have put into trying to tame these animals. Everyone i have seen on the internet say they are the cuddliest most adorable pets and are great ones, i think otherwise, i think they are the hardest most unloving animals to ever have. i have a cat who is fully trained and even jump on my bed when i go to sleep and i pet her, i have also had a dog who was great but sadly died, i was even able to tame 2 outside cats within minutes, i was able to hold them, pet them, and feed them. so if anyone could help me out it would be the best. I have always had the best of luck with animals… i even got them a cage that’s bigger than my father. (sorry for all the writing but this is the most detailed way to put my issues and non issues).



    You may need to separate them when you are working with them in order to get their attention. When you are training them make sure that you take one in a separate room and spend an hour or so with them. Read, watch tv, whatever, just hang out. Have some treats handy and keep offering them. Eventually there will be interest. Talk softly, offer the treats, and just work on trust. Let them climb on you before you even try to pick them up.

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