My dog has bad breath, any solutions?

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    I have a dog and noticed his bad breath. Wondering if there’s any good products available?



    Home Remedies for Curing a Dog’s Bad Breath

    Brush your dog’s teeth regularly. Oral hygiene isn’t just for humans, it’s for animals too. And yes, that includes dogs, who also get cavities like us. Don’t use human toothpaste or baking soda. Instead, use veterinary toothpaste and a soft-bristled toothbrush. There are also nubby-surfaced rubber caps available. Start gradually, first in small amounts of toothpaste then in medium ones. Brushing 2-3 times a week should do the trick, and this frequency should be maintained.
    Give your dog some chew treats. There are a number of these found in your local market. Pick the right one for your dog, depending on the dog’s size. Big dogs given a small chew treat can swallow it whole and cause choking. Small dogs given a big treat can cause muscle strain. Don’t forget the senior dogs whose teeth aren’t very strong anymore, and should be given softer treats than normal ones. And of course, let your dog chew them under supervision to avoid possible choking and the like.
    Ask your veterinarian for help. Sometimes a dog’s bad breath can be a symptom of a certain disease. Your vet can also clean your dog’s teeth, usually for older dogs. Yogurt can help a dog’s digestion, since most digestion-related illness result in bad breath as a side-effect. Just remember to keep your yogurt plain and unsweetened.
    Pick the right food for your dog. Dry foods are less likely to cause bad breath than wet and/or human food, so give him some kibble that is dry, particularly those without corn. This is because corn is considered a wet food. If you still can’t avoid canned food, then balance the two, but gradually switch to more dry.
    Have your dog chew up fresh parsley. Get some from the supermarket, finely chop it up, and sprinkle on your dog’s food.
    There are also dog breath sprays available in the market. Usual ones have peppermint flavors and are even anti-bacterial to freshen up your dog’s breath.
    Have your dog drink fresh water in his bowl. Usually, bad breath comes from bacteria, and if the bowl is kept clean, then your dog’s breath may not smell. There are also products in the market that can be added to his drinking bowl to help prevent bad breath.
    Examine your pet’s teeth. Sometimes there are bits of food stuck in his teeth and over time could be the source of bad breath. If these can’t be removed by brushing their teeth, then it’s off to the vet for a cleanup.

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