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    I finally am getting pictures of my pets. I do have a new betta. His name is Julius, hes an orange crowntail and I adore him. So anyways here are my fishies.


    Hes red and purple and i love his coloring. Hes so silly and will wiggle his tail when i talk to him. Kinda like a dog who shakes his butt when a human is talking to him lol.



    oh and i dunno why Dexters plants keep falling over. Its so hard to keep them standing up lol. But he dont mind.

    Sassette (Sassy)

    Sassy is my one and only female. Shes a goober for sure. She jumps for her food.




    Here is my new boy Julius. My Orange Crowntail!


    Thats my best pic of Julius. Those all are actually some of my better pictures. My husband had to remind me our new camera has a sports setting for moving lol. But there are my 3 bettas. Oh and Julius cracks me up. He was so skittish of me at first. Now when he sees me looking at him he swims up to me and flares lol.

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