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    Well all is good here as well. I had to put Scamper and Marshmallow in a smaller tank though. They were fighting alot, well Marsh was making poor Scamp bleed, not alot but it worried be but then they would cuddle so i got really confused. Well I put them in a smaller tank and no fighting at all sense. Traci told me she has the same trouble as well so she keeps hers in smaller tanks as well. They have a buttload of toys too, both gerbil tanks do. They are so spoiled rotten. Doc Gerbil has a stroke, I dunno what brought it on but he did. For months now hes had a tilted head because of it but he gets around good. Other then his tilted head he acts completly normal. Elmo, Bert and Ernie are doing great. They love Doc so much and cuddle with him. Ernie finally finished molting and now he really looks like a nutmeg lol. In the pictures i took before you could tell he needed to molt some more. Well hes very handsome now. Elmo and Bert dont look different other then they are bigger and fatter.

    Thats all the updates i have about my gerbils. They are doing really good.

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