My Goldfish mysteriously died??

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    I had 7 goldfish and I have a 50 gallon tank (they are small goldfish) and I have had them for about 2 years. I even moved across the country with them this past summer and they all survived. I looked at the tank today and noticed that it was very foggy and then I saw 3 of my goldfish floating at the top of the tank dead. I went into the office (where I have the tank) and the smell was horrendous. Their tails are split like they have ich but there are no signs of ich on them. 3 of them are still alive but they are in bad shape (split tails, etc.) What happened??? I am very saddened to have lost them. I grew attached to them.



    What are the tanks stats? Ammonia? Nitrate? Nitrite?
    Tank dimensions?
    How long has the tank been setup?

    If the fish are small after 2 yrs they are stunted, too many goldies for that sized tank 🙂 4-5 would be the absolute maximum.

    While waiting for the answers to what i have asked…do a waterchange, at least 50%

    Can you get a photo of the fish?

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