My GSD..breaking the "niping" and jumping habit?

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    Hey all!!
    My GSD Thor is about a year and 2 months old. He is about 100 lbs or so. He is a great dog and so intelligent, very loyal, and very protective 🙂

    But there is 2 things we just can’t break him out of, which is his jumping (only when he is very excited to see someone and jumps onto them paws up onto your chest)


    when he nips at you. He is only playing, they are not full fledged bites, they are playful like he wants you to pet him.

    We have tried many things, including rewarding him w/ treats when he does not jump or bite, and such, but I can’t seem to have him NOT do it…

    Any suggestions would be awesome!! I am going to attach some pics :




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