My hammy has escaped, and she might be pregnant!

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    So I got my hamster as a Valentines day present so Ive had her for about 15 days, and for that amount of time shes been very inactive, always sleeping no matter what you try to do. falling asleep in her wheel, her ball, everywhere! and hoarding more than usual. Ive had a hamster before for 2 and half years and thought i knew pretty everything I need to know, but this hammy is completely different! I did research online and all her weird behaviors seem to point out that shes pregnant. the people we got her from said she was about 4 weeks when we got her, and she was in a cage with a male. Anyways, last night she was very very active all of a sudden, running in her wheel like a mad women, and every time Id stick my hand in there she seem to want to jump right on and scurry herself out. she even ran around in her ball for the first time for 20 minutes! Shes in an aquarium and has a water bottle latched on the side, which by the looks of it the smart little bug moved her igloo house over to where her water bottle was and jumped on top of it. we live in a two story house but im pretty sure she cant climb up the stairs, but Ive gone around the entire house tapping on things, seeing if i could hear her scurrying or something but could hear a thing. and cut up some cucumber and put it on a plate in the middle of the living room since she seems to really like that. Im at a lose of what to do now.

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