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    My name is Mareena and I live in Albany upstate New York. I recently (June 7, 2011) lost my 15-year-old gray and white domestic short hair male cat named Smokey to hypothyroidism. He wasn’t in pain and he had lived a good, long life so, although I miss him terribly, I remember the good times that we had together.

    He was a feral cat who I adopted at three months and he grew to love people (at least he loved my mother and me, he was indifferent to my dad) and hated the outdoors. I’ll tell you the story of how he learned to hate the outdoors later on.

    I think he knew he was dying, because he disappeared to our laundry room and wouldn’t spend any time with us upstairs. It was fast for him – He got really sick on Sunday and was gone by Tuesday at 3 in the morning. He was on pills and had gone off his food (the last thing he ate was a little prime rib, turkey and some chicken broth on Sunday night)

    He knew that my mom was checking on him because he kept lifting his head and purring (I know cats purr when they are ill and want to hide it, but I think it was love) 🙂 He passed quietly at home which I’m happy about, we couldn’t have taken him to the vet’s; it would have been too stressful for him, I think. :crybucket

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