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    As you have probably already seen I have alot of rats now. Well that was not my fault. No one was interested in Paris’s babies. The few people who acted interested backed out or stopped talking to me altogether. I dont really care, the babies bonded with me and are very close to me. They are such sweet little ones. Paris had 10 pups, 7 males and 3 females. The 3 females are in with their mom and my other girls. So altogether I have 10 girls in my ruud cage. The 7 boys are small yet so they are in the skyscraper for now. But I know once they get bigger I will have to split them up too. I have another cage that will house 3 males while the skyscraper will hold 4. Edward and Jasper are in a cage of their own. My 4 Jacksons (MJ, Prince, Blanket and Ben) are in a cage all their own and Al is by himself. He was in with Edward and Jasper but he made Edward bleed and i wasnt having that. Al is kinda a grumpy old manrat. But no one is cramped. Anyways all my rats are doing wonderfully. I will get pictures as soon as i can here. The cages are kinda empty, I plan on going to the dollar store this weekend and getting lots of cheapo toys for them all.

    Jeremy was going to throw away old pillow we had but i said no. So i cut the pillow open and got the stuffing out and the rats love it so much. The boys just lay on top of the stuffing but the girls have made tunnels and really comfy looking nests.

    So anyways I have 24 rats. Not my fault, I really wish Paris didnt get pregnant. But whats done is done and no homes were found so i am doing the best i can. 🙂 Oh and a cool note, i feel like i have a little rat family in here. The lady i got Paris from, a few months later couldnt keep Paris’s mom (Nikita) and paris’s 3 sisters (Mishka, Leilani and Kaela) So i took them in. So now that Paris had babies Nikita is a grandma and Mishka, Leilani and Kaela are aunts lol. Oddly enough Al is the one who fathered Paris’s litter and hes also the father of Edward and Jasper….lol HE must be a stud hehee

    Anyways all is well in the rat world, just a little crazy

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