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    Hi everyone, its been awhile for me on this site. I was just wanting to let anyone know what my riding has been like lol. I managed to have an amazing show year with the love of my life. I could not be more impressed with him. Ill tell you about him and show some pics 😛
    His name is Buck and known around the barn as Bonkers. The show name i used with him was One, Two, Buckle My Shoe. My lovely friend came up with it, since i was stumped. He is a 1997 appaloosa, that sadly everyone thinks looks like a donkey. lol He has quite the attitude when he wants to. He seems to know though when im around that she should cut it out lol. Hes managed to bite my butt too many times when hes in a mood. I love him to death and spoil him rotten. Hes one of the school horses at my barn i ride at and sadly, noone loves him. Everyone doesn’t like riding him so i’ve stuck by his side for 5 years. He is such a good horse and bombproof! I’ve tried everything that will scare him and he doesnt flinch. Hes always soo curious about everything and has a thing for smelling other horses poop lol. Our barn bought him approximately 6 years ago and was originally a packhorse. When i first saw him being ridden, I fell in love and was determined to bring out the best in him. From the first ride i was hooked. THe only downfall was he was not use to people on his back so when you asked for him to walk, he went backwards lol. He didn’t seem to have a thing for speed. After a loooong time of training he finally managed to understand to w/t/c. No more backing up! lol We didn’t stop there, we starting the horrid trotting poles! Even more scary was the canter lines! From then on, we continued training and began jumping. Jumping was worst than walking. He plowed down everything in his path and was bent on total destruction! But he got over the need to destroy and started to jump beautifully. Well as beautiful as he could. And now he is a seasoned show horse with looks. Oh and he doesn’t really have a tail :P. Makes him even more special.. now on with the pics and other riding blurbs.

    Here is the infamous Sandman. He is a QuarterhorseXBelgian and is a BEAST! lol He is gorgeous and has turned into a gorgeous jumper when he slows down. This was the first time i have riding him in over 6 months and i have never jumped him. Buck was lame at the time and i told my instructor to surprise me on the day of our show.And boy was I surprised. I knew he was a very touchy horse and loves to gallop. Our flat work wasnt the greatest but he did me proud. Its my fault, i suck at flat work. Jumping was where he impressed me. Instead of gallop around crazily, he was pretty calm and jumped nicely. Needless to say, noone was pummeled.Hes a gorgeous horse and has promising talent. Here is our jumping ability:

    He is also the one that threw me into a door. Not his fault, it was a miscommunication between me and him. He is very headstrong when he wants to be and its impossible to persuade hime lol. We were doing canter circles, which i despise and we are doing our circle everythings going good until he decides he wants to go the wrong way and i want to finish the circle. Needless to say my efforts were futile. I gave in to where he wanted to go but at tthat moment he decides to go my direction and i get flung into the barn door and break it. Nothing serious, he was scared and ran off , i dont blame him the only thing i have left is a couple of scars on my elbow where i hit the door. I was soo close to landing on my feet. lol

    Well this is just a little bit ( sorry if its too long, i went on a rant reminiscing). I hope everyone enjoyed and i will keep updating!
    Have a good one!

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