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    I started over on my 175 gallon. I had a really bad disease kill all but 4 of my fish…and counting. I moved the sick fish to a 20 gallon, and started the large tank over. I drained most of the water and set up my new fluval fx5…so it is almost like a new set up.

    I do still have alot of cleaning to do with the gravel, but hoping that will help with the cycling.

    It has almost been a month now. I am planing on doing a water change/gravel cleaning soon.

    I am not sure how much longer I need to wait to start adding fish again. I want to do this right. I am not in a hurry.

    I heard maybe some zebra danios are a hardy starter fish, but I have a very large tank. I eventually want discus again, but with the price they will be last to go in. I want to get more live plants like a planted aquarium look.

    I do have acouple live plants that are not doing the best. I am going to get more and maybe try to ger fertilizer sticks? I have never been to good with live plants.

    I have so much to do. 😮



    If the tank has no fish in it, or you have not been feeding the tank, then it will not cycle and all good bacteria will be dead.

    Personally i would empty it, fully clean everything, especially as its had a disease in it and you arent in a hurry.
    The gravel i would fully wash then give it a few goes with boiling water to kill off anything that may be lurking in there (in fact i’d be inclined to throw it out and buy new gravel) The filter i would wash all, including media, in hot water to kill anything nasty. The tank i would wipe out with very mild bleach mix, rinse well, then fill 2 times and add neutralizer each time to neutralise any bleach that may be still there. Just be sure to use a plain bleach not lemon scented or alike

    You really need to make sure the tank is clean, last thing you want is to add fish, especially expensive fish, and set off disease again. Start from scratch. Cycle the tank with fish. Get yourself some platys, they’re hardy and being live

    RE: Plants……What are the dimensions of the tank? Do you have a light of any type? Good hardy plants include, Java fern, Anubias, Swords, Wisteria & Java moss

    Get yourself some wood, that fleshes out tanks nicely. Wether it be fake or real is upto you. Rocks too are good (any you pour vinegar on and they dont sizzle will be fine)



    thanks very much.

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