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    Hi, everyone. My name is Melissa and I’ve recently adopted 2 kittens. I’ve had them for about a month now and they are now 12 weeks old. This summer, my husband, 3 yr old daughter, and myself are planning on taking a road trip to Denver, Colorado to visit my sister-in-law. We’ll probably be gone 3 to 4 days. I don’t think leaving the kitties at home for that long is a good idea. I mean, I know someone who would come by and feed them, clean the litter box, change their water, and even play with them but I don’t think they would be happy without me. Two weeks ago, I spent the a day and a night at my mom’s house. The kitties wouldn’t come out of their room (where they sleep at night) at all and they wouldn’t eat or drink. As soon as I came home, they went back to being normal. So I’m afraid to leave them home for 4 days in case they would stop eating and drinking.

    So – I need some travel tips for cats. We drive a 2007 Chevy equinox so there is plenty of room for every thing. I was thinking that maybe I could buy a small dog wire/metal crate and they could be in that while we’re in the car. Of course, I’d put a litter box in there (maybe clamp it to the side of the crate) and food and water and their bed. I’ve just never traveled for a long distance with cats. I’ve done it with a dog before but never cats. Also, my kitties don’t seem to mind riding in the car so I’m not worried about that. When I take them to the pet store or to the vet, they just sleep in their carrier.

    So if anyone has any ideas, please share! Thanks!

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