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    Hi. I’m having a very difficult time with my cats. I have two…a boy and a girl. They are six years old & have lived together with me since they were kittens. The boy cat has always shown aggression…but about a year ago it escalated…he began attacking the girl cat. to the point of the girl cat urinating & defecating on herself. I would find her in a corner dirty with the boy cat growling at her. It calmed down after I kept them separated for awhile. He also was attacking me at that time. Every since I have had him he has been aggressive. He does not come out when I have company (ie nieces, nephew, siblings, friends). And if he does – he attacks them as well. About two weeks ago it got bad again. The same behaviors…I have them separated right now. I can’t have them live together anymore. What to do? No animal shelters will take him. They say he wont be able to be rehomed/adopted etc. I wouldn’t want him to be rehomed because of his aggression. I couldn’t imagine what could happen if he was around a child or something. I am completely torn & have no idea what to do. Most say to put him down…that something isn’t right. If anyone has suggestions…please feel free. I need help 🙁

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