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    Ok so I finally convinced my mom to let me get rats as pets, the only problem is that awhile back we were watching a show about plastic surgery and there was this girl who as a baby had nose chewed off by a ferret. Ok the point is my sister is pregnant with her first baby and my mom and sister have a fear that my rats might somehow get out of the cage and hurt the baby. If you all could PLEASE help me convince her that they won’t hurt my nephew that would be amazing!!


    me02 original

    Right well first of all, you need to know that maybe it wasn’t the ferrats fault for hurting that womans child.
    Was the child hurting the ferrat? And its only means of getting away was to hurt the child and run?

    The rats won’t hurt the baby unless they are well trained which is up to YOU basicly.
    As long as you train them to be friendly, and not abuse them they will be fine.
    But all in all
    why would you put rats near a baby in the first place?
    I sugest you don’t let your new rats anywhere near that baby until they are fully trained and used to humans.
    Rats being used to humans is great
    but babies are diffrent.
    they pull and tug and prod and poke.
    that will annoy the rat and most likely the rat wil lash out to say to the baby “Stop doing this to me!”

    So just train your rats to be used to the enviroment
    and i hope this helps



    Simple, do not let a baby play with a rat, always supervise your rats
    When outside of their cage, and make sure their cage is secure and the bar space isnt too big so they cant escape out of it.



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