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    I have a miniature poodle (neutered male, 2 years old) who is a very good dog with my husband and I. He is submissive in the right ways and we can take food from him and he does what we tell him. We do not hit him. Just a stern look from us makes him submit and tuck his tail. He is very sensitive. We have two children ages 6 and 12 who he plays great with and is friends with them.

    But the problem is that he tries to take food away from the kids and then when they try to stop him he bites them. He doesn’t draw blood, just gives the warning nip and growl. He has left scratches and red marks. It looks vicious when he does it. This has happened when he has taken food off the kids’ plates and where food or an eating utencil has fallen on the floor and then a kid reaches to grab it.

    I understand what he is doing is normal in a pack. He sees my husband and I as the alphas and the kids as underlings. He thinks he is somewhere inbetween. I need to know how to make him realize that he is below the kids.

    I realize I made a mistake in this as whenever I gave the family dinner I would give him a treat. I should have been giving him his food last after the family as already eaten. Lowest in the pack eats last. But I didn’t know to do that, this is my first dog. So I have stopped giving him food when the family eats. I had also read to have the children give the dog the food and that he only eats when the kids give it to him. So we have been working on doing that also.

    I love this dog just terribly. He is so loving and sweet. He is very attached to me in particular. I am a stay at home mom so I’m always with him. But I can’t have a dog that bites my children. I don’t know what to do. Any suggestions that anyone has would be greatly appreciated. My husband is telling me if he does it again that we will have to get rid of him. I don’t know what I’d do. Please help!



    Definately sounds to me that your pooch sees your kids as pack underlings.

    Personally i wouldnt permit the dog anywhere near where anyone is eating, soon as he steps his paws into the dining room i would have the kids shoo him out until he realises that he isnt permitted in there (and it could take some time) while the higher pack members eat. If he cant be kept out, crate him out of the dining room.

    If the kids have food elsewhere at any time, make sure they understand that they must watch the dog like a hawk for the 1st signs it is going to take the food (stalking, growling etc). Make them stand their ground, point to the dogs crate sleeping area or just out of ‘their space’ and make a fairly loud ahhh type sound. If he backs down, tell the kids to relax, but be watchful for another confrontation. If the dog bites, he must immediately be reprimanded and, personally i would isolate him as punishment.

    Mind though, if your kids are quite young, then you need to be supervising them and the dog at all times, ready to stop anything. Espaecially if it is a known biter


    macon pets

    you have to nip that in the bud anyway you can. I love animals especially dogs but you can’t have them be mean to kids. Tragedy waiting to happen IMO

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