New Baby Green Iguana – Lumpy Belly and acting strange

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    Let me give you a description of her cage. The lights we use in it’s cage are two “Sun Glo” 25W Daylight lights from Petsmart that stimulate natural behavior through UVA lights. It’s a small (I think) 15 gallon fish tank with one of those completely covering fish take tops with lights on both sides of the tank. We’ve been using newspaper as it’s bedding and the tanks been between 80-90 degrees Fahrenheit throughout the day and I want to say about 70-80 degrees at night.

    Normally I give it a lot of kale with some broccoli and occasionally squash or small pieces of a banana. Every time I put out fresh food for it, it’ll eat either the whole bowl, which is quiet big for a baby iguana, or just a ton.

    Our baby green Iguana is managing to get out of her tank. Our little baby’s managed to evaluate how to get herself up there, spring up and just barely missed the opening. She also realized that when we open the tank, she can jump onto her branch that we have in the cage and leap from the top of the branch out or she’ll jump onto our arms when we pick up her food bowl and climbs up our arms to get out. I get really worried she’ll hurt herself jumping or if it’s really not good that she’s acting like that – is it an early sign of possible aggression?? I don’t know the age of the Iguana, being as we got her from a flea market and the lady didn’t provide us with really any information.

    What do you guys think about it? And what can I do to make sure it doesn’t hurt herself?

    Here’s a video:

    NOTE: Her food bowl isn’t in there because I took it out to refresh her food being as she pooped in the bowl :/

    Also, I’ve been noticing a lot of things that are really worrying me. When it goes to the bathroom, a clear liquid comes out A LOT and when it’s doing this, it makes some type of a squeegee noise and poops a lot. It has the normal white, liquid and poop waste, but the noise may be normal or not – it just worries me. Also, I’ve been noticing that when it lays on the log we have in her tank, she gets either really lazy and lets her body just hang from the limb or that’s her not feeling well – not sure. I know some do that, but she doesn’t look happy, looks uncomfortable and as though somethings wrong. I’m a super worry wart about her. I just gave her new food, she tried to eat a bit of kale but it was too big and she gave up after two seconds and then I also noticed that her stomach, now which should be empty after a large poop, is “boiling”. The inside of her belly looks like she’s having either gas bubbles boil up and show as lumps in her belly, but then they go away or get bigger. I’m super worried and I’m really worried she’s not getting enough light being as those lights aren’t UVB.

    Help!!! :/ Sorry for the essay but I’m super worried.

    Here are some pictures I took within five minutes of her belly changing:


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