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    me &my boyfriend got a beautiful siamese mix named Colors. Which we renamed Zorro.
    He is adorable. But very timid and scared.
    Im finding it difficult to introduce the cat of the house Meow & the Dog Sadie to our new addition.
    Meow is fine with Zorro but Zorro swatts Meow and hisses.
    Sadie and Meow learned to co-exist but ignore each other completely.
    But with the new addition they have become more willing to interact with each other but not Zorro.
    Im not sure how Zorro will do with the Dog.
    Zorro is 2 1/2 year old.
    We got him from a family friend as they were moving and couldn’t take him and we have been looking for a cat for a while.And wanted a siamese.

    any info would help.
    also any info on how to make him less timid and more willing to interact with us instead of hiding under the bed would be great as well.

    zorro at his previous home. Then known as Colors.



    Hmmm, Well when my family and I got our first cat, our two dogs fell in love with her straight away. Our cat (Ruby) Took a while to adjust to them but she got there. I think why He is so Timid is that maybe his Previous home (if any) treated him cruely and is afraid or if he has not had such a great past with other animals. All you can realy do now is play the waiting game and watch him settle in. Good Luck, Angus.

    P.s. Make sure you show all your pets the same ammount of affection each so one doesnt feel left out.



    Even an animal that is treated well can be very timid in new surroundings, especially with animals they don’t know. Animals are more aware of territories and boundaries than we are. Sometimes all you can do is wait and be ready when they are. Don’t push as that may make the process longer. Good luck.



    Thank you all, this is a really late reply.
    He settled in great! AMAZINGLY!
    Became the most affectionate cat ever! Even liked the new chihuahua be brought home.
    Sadly when me and the boyfriend broke up he got to keep the cats
    but i got the dogs.
    I moved back home to Alberta and the ex stayed in BC.
    He lived in a small town.
    More sad news….
    Zorro was shot to death, which i am furious about!
    My ex started allowing him to go out side without the zipline !
    one of the neighbours saw him on his property and rumors went around that he shot him. ITS NOT FOR SURE but Zorro hasnt been home for 3 weeks.
    I knew i should have taken the cats. But Zorro was just more of my exs cat then mine.
    I feel horrible and wish Zorro the best over that rainbow bridge <3


    Jail Nation

    Initially try introducing your dog to the house when any other pets are either put away or out of the house completely. Let your new dog explore the house and get used to the location of things such as the dog bed and food are. Once your new dog seems to be happy then it is time to think about introducing them to other members of the family.

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