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    I had two pet mice who were sisters and the same age. One of them died yesterday from a tumor :crybucket. Her sister is alive and well, but I’m sure that she’ll get lonely without someone to play with. I would like to get her one or two new female friends, but I’m worried that they might not get along. Has anyone ever had experience introducing new mice, and if you do, how did it go?
    Thank you!



    Introducing one new friend should work well, but that depends on the temperament of your mouse, if you put a new female in with her, she may become territorial and attack the new mouse, sometimes in these cases its best to totallly clean out the mouse cage, disinfect, dry, and then totally add new bedding and cleaned toys and put both the new mouse and old in at the same time. Female mice can be aggressive, but unusually they work out some kind of hierarchy.



    :confused::hyper:I have a 5 week old male field mouse that I rescued and dropper fed for 3 weeks, clean bill of health from the vet. He is supper tame and thinks I’m his mommy. He gets loose constantly and when he’s done investigating he seeks me out and climbs up my leg, then perches somewhere on me and starts to groom himself. i just got back from shopping and bought him a proper habitat, now I’d like to get him a companion. What are the “rules” regarding this idea? Can a field mouse get along with a captivity-bred mouse and what about gender? I need all the info I can get. God forbid should my precious Jingles be put in harms way.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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