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    My hamsters are a month old when I bought them.

    Just last night, they started squeaking very loudly and scratching at each other. I am afraid they wil get hurt so I separated them in diff cages. I noticed that one of them turns on its back and squeak at the other. And then she poops. Anything wrong with that gesture?

    Is it wise to separate them as I’ll be going to work til midnight from now. Couldn’t keep an eye on them now. What should be done?:confused:



    What species are they? Only dwarf hamsters should be housed together. If they are Syrian hamsters (teddy bear, regular, black bear, etc) then they must be separated as they are loners by nature. Even if syrians don’t fight they do become quite stressed at the unnatural environment and their immune system is therefor lowered leaving them susceptible to disease.

    If they are dwarfs then how big is there cage? Sometimes dwarfs need to be separated too, but having a properly set up cage can really help prevent most fights and arguments, I would suggest that you check out this:



    hi i have two hamsters and sometimes mine play and one rolls over on his back it is like figureing out who is the boss of the cage as long as they are not fighting they should be fine my two where from the same litter usually if they are from the same litter and are both of the same sex they usually will not fight but i think you did they right thing but if you would like them to be together i would try to put they together as much as you can when you can keep your eye on them good luck thanks

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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