New Hermie owner here- HELP! trying to escape!

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    Hey all, this seems like a wicked forum- SO glad I found it.

    Anyways, Yesterday I bought a hermie crab and large-ish (bigger than the plastic ones most pet stores sell) cage! I loved his so much that I bought me one as well. Now they are living together, and they had their initial get to know eachother push and shove fight and that was it. Now it seems as though they are working togetether to escape. I’m not sure why, and have elimianted everything they can climb(because they have been). I am too scared to put a large book over top, because I want them to breathe, and the tank is tall enoug that if i take the items out, they won’t escape.
    But how do I stop this behaviour? at first i thought htat it was because they were new, and maybe needed a bath, so I made up a bath, and read up and did a proper bath routine…what do they do? run right out of the water..are my hermies SCARED of the water??

    If anyone can help, please do. I put out a variety of food..pop corn, fruit, veggie, hermie flakes.
    Any advice would be helpful I want my nephews to last until I give it to him for christmas!!




    Hermitcrabs are natural born escape artists and will get out if you dont supply a cover for the enclosure. I started out with a standard ten-gallon fish tank with an incandescent full hood and that worked pretty well but now I have upgraded to a thirty-gallon aquarium and I use a partial cover and keep all the climbing surfaces toward the center of the tank as to eliminate escapes.
    Tip don’t place climbing structures close to the edge or top of the enclosure because they will escape and possibly fall and injure themselves wich could potentialy lead to death.
    I wouldn’t recommed an enclosure smaller than ten-gallons be used just for space sake. They need more space than their current enclosure allows and will eventualy die from lack of room.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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