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    I brought home a new kitten on Friday. Her name is Lilly. I know, I really need to get a pic of her up on here. She’s an itty bitty little thing. I got her from my brother. His cat – Yoshi (Lilly’s mother) is a really tiny petite little thing too. Lilly is about 2 months old, I think she looks about half that though. Her mother must be at least 3 or 4, but she still looks like a kitten too since she’s so little. Yoshi is probably one of the most beautiful creatures I’ve ever seen. She’s a beautifully colored siamese cat. I’ll have to see if I can get a pic of her too. I feel kinda bad for saying it but, Lilly is kinda so ugly she’s cute 😛 I would consider her a calico, though she’s not the typical color for one, she’s mostly gray, with some orange & just a little white. One of Lilly’s back claws curls around her toe. It’s not any longer than the others, just instead of growing straight out, it curls around the outside of her toe. not even sure whether to trim it since it’s growing out of her toe sideways. Anybody ever seen or heard of this? I’ll try & get a picture of that today as well. Otherwise, Lilly is doing terrific! She loves her new home, never stops exploring. She & Ghost love each other… now. I was so worried the first day. I thought if Ghost could, he’d probably roll his eyes at me for bringing home yet another animal. When we came in, I leaned down to the floor with Lilly so her & Ghost could check each other out. Lilly freaked out & hissed, made all kinds of noise, Ghost hissed back which only scared her more. I’m sure he was pretty intimidating. Her mom is maybe 3lbs, I weighed Ghost the other day – 12lbs! So it was a long night & day of hissing & hollering. I was so worried about little Lilly. She was so scared, shaking like crazy, terrified of Ghost getting anywhere near her. Ghost was no help, he got really defensive & mean hissing back at her, probably because he didn’t know what the heck her problem was. I tried to calm him down so she would calm down. He wouldn’t let me near him without attacking me though, he was ready to fight. I was scared for Lilly, didn’t know how they’d get passed it. Eventually though, they both lightened up, & started to relax more & more. Now they love playing together & even cuddle with each other. When Lilly eats, Ghost always waits for her to be done before he will. If he loses sight of her, he wanders through the house looking for her & calling her. I’m so relieved! Lilly had an easy time with the bunnies & rats right from the start though, they were all curious about each other & hit it off right away. I’m so glad everything worked out!



    Congrats on the new addition :applause:

    I would watch that claw if I were you, just to make sure that it doesn’t start to grow into the paw. Or just to make sure just cut it now.

    I would also watch the two cats for a while longer. Don’t leave them alone for long together. And at night I would say maybe lock Lilly up seperately. You want to make sure Ghost knows he is still the “King of this Castle” also give him lots of attention, to reassure him that he is not being replaced. Just some things to keep in mind.

    Otherwise sounds like you got a good bunch there!! You look relatively new to PH so HI!!! :wave:



    congrats on the new kitten.

    You will want the vet to have a look at the claw and give you some advice on how to take care of it. The vet will probably also need to prescribe a worming medicaton, as almost all kittens have worms. (do not use OTC medications. they are not effective and can be dangerous.)

    I hope you will also encourage your brother to have his cat spayed. Kittens are cute, but shelters are already overflowing with them… Many of these kittens will never find homes and will have to be euthanized because of pet overpopulation. Unspayed females are also at higher risk for medical problems. It would be a shame for Yoshi to die an unpleasent death from ovarian or uterine cancer, pyometra, mammary tumors or complications during birth… all of which are not uncommon but completely eliminated by spaying.



    Thanx so much for the advice! I think I’m gonna post some pics here in just a few mins in a new thread. Shortly after I got home with Lilly, my brother ended up taking Yoshi & her remaining kitten Sock to the humane society. If I had known, I would’ve brought them home with me too & gotten Yoshi spayed. I actually did try to take Sock, but my bro wanted to keep him. I’m thinking about making a trip back over there & see if I can get them back if they haven’t already gone to new homes but it’s 6hrs away. I’m going to call the vet mon. about Lilly’s claw, it does look like it would have to be painful. I tried looking up some info on it, didn’t prove very helpful though, just said to keep it trimmed to prevent it from growing into the paw. Hopefully the vet will be more helpful.



    congrats on the new addition. similarly i also have a very cute bengal kitten who is so well behaved and calm. i would post a pic of her very soon.

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