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    It’s been a couple years since i’ve posted here…but regardless, we have a new family member.
    We went to the local shelter two days ago to look at small dogs, but came in to find this little creature in a cage out front. Someone had brought her in as a stray (odd I know), and the shelter had no idea of how to take care of it. Not only was it being fed rabbit food, but it was also using a regular litter box with clumping litter.
    So we filled out a cat adoption form, since they had never had a ferret for adoption before, and then got a call the next day saying that they didn’t know what to charge but would only want $30 for her.
    When we got her home she was pretty lethargic, and is still a bit underweight, but we got her some high protein food, some vitamin snacks, and she seems to be well on her way to becoming a little psycho hahaha.

    She is slowly getting more energetic, and has already become my 3 1/2 year old daughters favorite toy. With parental supervision of course.


    macon pets

    So cute. This is the next pet for my daughter I think. My brother had one way back and we loved him. Thanks for sharing the photo

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