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    Like I said in the fish forum I will post about them here. Now mind you I in no way was looking or even wanted more rats. But when this so called friend asked me to help her I felt bad and wanted to help. I had no idea these poor male rats were in a 10 gallon tank, no water and just a tiny bit of food left. She used carefresh and barely any in the bottom of the tank. I dont think she even cleaned that tank out every 2 weeks. They smelled something aweful too. I got them in the car and noticed they had rodent lice. AND to top it all off they had URI’s. Well they are on meds for that and doing alot better. They no longer smell and are gaining weight nicely. Gerard is the siamese. Hes around 10 months old. Hes part rex too. Erik is blue and sooo sweet. He wont stop licking me when i have him out. They both beg to come out and play all the time. They got so neglected, it just breaks my heart. First the fish and then the rats. It was honestly to much for me. Her poor betta was stuck in a bowl with no gravel, no cave, no plants…nothing. She didnt put any water conditioner in his tank either. Then she had 8 goldfish…YES 8 GOLDFISH in a 10 gallon….BAH. Shes so cruel to these animals it makes me sick. But the few I got away from her are getting healthy and are just amazing. Needless to say this chick and I are no longer friends. I feel a tiny bit sad but i feel majorly relieved. I wanted to help her with her animals issues, which i have in the past. But I also dont wanna be an easy out just for her to get more and abuse them. Its probably better this way. I wont have to deal with hearing and seeing them be abused. So tempted to turn her into the humane society but she brags how she volunteered there and all they do is come over and tell her and do nothing…she brags they will do nothing…grrrr.

    Anyways I do have pictures of the rats. I will post them soon.



    I finally have pictures. Enjoy!!




    They are so adorable, i love them so much.




    I never hadrats as my pets. Don’t know why but they frightened me a lot.

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