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    Miss Peaches


    I’m new and wanted to introduce myself and my pig 🙂

    About 2 weeks ago we became the new owners of Peaches. She’s a Vietnamese Dwarf Pot Belly Pig. About a year old we think (not sure how to tell). It’s a horrible, sad story as to how we got her but long story short we saved her from being the Thanksgiving dinner this year at her prior owners dinner table. Despicable.

    She is living in our fenced in yard, has a dog IGLOO with straw and blankets and we are feeding her twice a day following the directions on the bag of Mini pig pellets. I add some warm water to mush it up a little for her.

    I have two questions:

    1. I’m worried she may root under the fence and get out. What can I use to deter that and keep her safe? Barb wire seems harsh? Advice?

    2. Will she get lonely being an ‘only pig’? We can’t get another pig right now. I just don’t want her to be sad and lonely. She seems very happy, snorting, rooting eating and pooping. All good signs I guess. She is very social and comes over when she sees us. She has just started to let me pet her.

    3. She sleeps in her IGLOO dog house at night time and seems to love it in there. I’m concerned that she isn’t in a shed and locked in to keep predators out. We have motion lights on our yard and the fence is 6 foot high, so chance are slim but I think I need to house her in a shed of some sort. Advice on that?

    Thanks so much. I’m so excited to have found this place.

    Jo (and Peaches the pig).

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