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    Nika had her first experience with a Halti today *LOL*. Because of my still not good ankle injury and Nika being a tad feral from no work, i’ve had to break out the Halti, so i dont get injured from her excitement and that she doesnt either, she was literally on 2 legs on the check chain when she seen another dog, her not being able to breath and then choking for the the whole walk is definately not a good thing, and definately NOT a habit i want her learning. I am desparate to get her back into work, and i really need to get back into walking, so the Halti was the next option, until she calms down (which i have no doubt she will) at least anyway.

    1st lesson
    Lets just say the 1st 10min was her having a spack attack trying to get the thing stuck to her face off. Once she calmed from that, we went onto Halti and lead. A few spack attacks later *L* she soon realised that pulling and being a fool just made the ‘nasty’ thing get tighter on her nose, and coming to a heel made it go away. She is definately intelligent this one!

    Within 5 minutes she was heeling like a pro and fairly calm, with just the very odd try to get the halti off, unbelievable difference. Now as a test i unhooked the lead, and she still stayed with me, not always in a perfect heel, but a far cry from the nutcase i was trying to walk before.

    Lunchtime today she will get another mini lesson, and depending how she deals with that, i’ll take her out for a walk, lead through check chain and through Halti, just incase she does manage to slip the Halti off.

    I am really excited and she will be too, i’ve been dying to get back out there. To be honest i forgot Fangulala sent me the Halti. I think it will be awesome for both Nika and Myself.



    Nika in her Halti (i know the check chain is far too long for her, but i couldn’t find hers, so she has Scoobs on. Its only there as a back up incase she slips the Halti)




    She is going quite well, accepting the Halti much better now. No fighting to get it on, as she knows she is going for a walk *L* Getting calmer walking past the nutcase dog up the road (who NEVER NEVER gets out of the yard!)

    I had to buy a new lead today and the clip broke on her old one. I also bought a 20 meter horse lunge lead to use for recall and distance work.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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