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    Hello! My names Nikki and within the next 10 years I will be opening a pet shop. I am first and foremost a animal lover who believes in putting animals that need homes, with people who have loving homes. I plan on carrying a variety if animals, dogs, cats, reptiles, fish, rodents, feeders and inverts. Lets be clear, read this whole thing before you tell me how ‘wrong’ i am for wanted to make a ‘profit’ off of living things, because it’s not like it seems, okay?

    It will be in South Carolina, which has no exotic animal limits. Just a bit of background, I grew up on animal rescue in Georgia. We had it all. Literally. Me and my four brothers manned five horses, two goats, nine rabbits, a herd of ever changing dogs and cats, seven parrots, nine snakes, ect ect. For a few months we had three small monkeys. The idea for this store came to me while in a run down ratty shop in my town.

    I want to use a strict policy of rescue first, breeders second. I will offer space in my shop to rescues of any kind. If none are available then I will buy from breeders. However, Dogs and Cats will be rescue only. And as many small mammals as possible. For example, say I sell a lot of Ferrets and Geckos. If there are no more adoptable Ferrets and Geckos I will buy only captive bred. My staff will include me and children and one other as cashiers. We will employ part time people who’s sole purpose is to handle and socialize these animals.

    If i could make a lot of money, great. But as long as this shop pays its loans off, i am fine. My husband makes more than enough money to support the family. This will be a store to sell quality protects and well behaved pets who need loving homes.

    The biggest money maker as in most cases, will be enclosures and supplies. We plan to sell tanks, terrariums, tortoise tables and rodent tubes. Filters, heaters and other hardware as well. Big brand food and supplements as well as holistic and organic options and live feeders such as worms, crickets and rats.

    Ideally I will never buy a single puppy or kitten and as few of the others as possible. But I will not sell an animal with behavior issues. Parrots that bite, ect.

    Full disclosure of the needs and care of the animal will be given in the form of care sheets. A kit of all necessary items will be discounted with the purchase / adoption of the animal. Fun stuff like doggie clothes, cute leashes and bets will be there as well.

    Finally the animals I will put in the shop will not all be fore sale. I will bring my personal pets there on some days.


    Cats- rescues

    Small mammal
    Teddy bear hamster
    Chinese Dwarf Hamster
    Guinea Pigs (ast. breeds)
    Unscented Skunks
    Rescue Natives like Opposum, Raccoon ect

    Leopard Gecko
    Leopard Tort
    Russian Tort
    African Sulcata Tort
    Blue tongued skink
    Corn Snake
    Milk Snake
    False Water Cobra (Venomous, I know that will be disclosed but they are popular)
    Chameleon (delicate and sensitive, i know)
    Boa’s (the safe, small and easy to handle breeds)
    Pacman Frogs
    Mantella Frogs

    Creepy Crawlers

    African Grey
    (There will be people in charge and tasked with socializing and handling birds to prevent cranky biting little guys)

    Marine fish
    Freshwater Fish
    Maybe the dwarf camien, but disclose danger
    Hermit Crabs
    Half moon crabs
    underwater crabs and frogs
    Aquatic turtles
    Feeder fish
    Betas (In the correct size tanks NOT TEACUPS)

    Also I plan on getting a breeding pair of Savanah Cats and selling kittens.
    There you have it. I want to know, are any of these animals unrealistic? How to go about drawing up a full business plan? To hammer the point home, I will not buy what I cannot rescue first. Also I will not be adopting them then turning around and selling them for profit. i will let the organization put them in my shop while I feed them so if anything I am loosing money.

    We will have security systems, cameras, shatter proof glass and the staff will be trained in handling shoplifters.

    Now for more questions! What kind of permits do I need? time frame on setup? Start up costs? Just any sage wisdom from shop owners would be nice!



    may be you will interested in pets cloth or others



    Please keep in mind that when shopping for a new family member you are searching for a pet that will offer the correct size and activity level that will fit into your life style. No matter what purebred dog or cat or a designer breed that you are looking for, you are sure to find several reputable breeders on this site that are more then willing to answer all your questions that you may have.



    That’s good to hear, I love pets too so I am impressed of your plan. Anyway, before starting up your pet shop business, you should come up first with the unique business name that will let most of your consumers be known easily. There are corporate workshops that you can join with in order to get several idea of business start-up and proper way of naming.

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