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    I have a 6 month old Bernese Mtn Dog that is so out of control I am at a loss. I cant get him to sleep thru the night without having to go out at least 4 times in the night, even though I stop water at 9-10 and take him out at least twice before I go to bed. He is confined at night but I cant get past two hours before he wants to go out and he pees each time so it is not that he just stands there. BUt I know that he can go the entire night, he did it Sunday out of no where. He has not done it since or prior.

    Also he is just so stubborn I dont know what to do. I tell him no when he is using his high ptiched bark at my other dog becaue he wants what he has, he just ignores me and when I stand he runs and gives me the look that is the finger in the dog world. The only time that I truly get him to listen is when I have a treat but I dont want him to think that he is going to get a treat all the time. I dont know if it is puppy, or his breed or his age or just him but I am at a loss. The other Berner that I had was nothing like this and the two other dogs that I had as puppies were no where near as stubborn or out of control. I know that all dogs are different but one this one I need help.
    I have not had a good night sleep in 4 months:yawn1:

    I just want a better relationship with my dog.:cry::sad:



    This type of working dog is a great pet. Your vet should be able to pin point the age or at least the general age. If your dog is stubborn or head strong, you really need to up your game and establish your “Leader of the Pack” role/ Alpha or whatever.

    Issue #1: Bathroom Breaks
    First off, you know your dog doesn’t hav any type of urinary infection. Liver problems can cause lots of drinking water and peeing. You’d notice other problems also. Consult your vet.

    You stated that he was able to hold it through the night, once. First off, you should start establishing a routine with your pup. Pick up water at 7pm. You may have a few messes, but take him out about 15 mins after he dinner and again before you retire for the night. If he needs to go out in between, do so- but be firm on the 2 main outings. This breed is very intelligent and is a worker. Make sure to include daily walks and have thought toys (toys with treats in them so they have to figure it out) to keep him active.

    I assume you have no enclosed yard or dog door. You have to go out with a leash? During his training you may want to create him. Dogs will not mess in their safe beds. They may do it a bit in the beginning during the learning stage- but wild dogs don’t mess their dens. Have you create trained before? Lots of clean towels. Clean your pup too, don’t want pee smell or infections.

    Issue #2: Treats
    During training, small treats should not interrupt his meals that much. I liked using Pup-Peroni/ or mini Nilla Waffers (if your pup can’t have a lot of protein). It can be ripped into finger joint size (almost an inch- could be smaller). Set these treats up as your “learning” treats. He only gets them during a training session. I set my dogs up this way- usually not more than 15 rewards a day (about 1 Pup-Peroni stick’s worth). Training sessions should start short. Young puppies around 5 mins twice a day (or longer if up to it). Young dogs 10-15/ 2-3 day. Older dogs vary depending on attention and endurance. The treat may only be given upon complete accomplishment. Meaning if you have the dog sit, wait and come to you- but they don’t sit. No treat. Some owners get very “giving” with rewards. You don’t have to be a drill sarg, but its important that the dog understand commands.

    To make a dog sit: May sure dog is some what calm. No jumping or such. Place treat it one hand- closed. Extend other hand, palm up. Maneuver slightly upward OVER dogs head (like a slight UP motion) say “SIT”. This motion almost always makes them sit. Make sure it right above their head. Repeat until the dog is seated. Say “Stay”- with pal out (in stopping like motion). Use other hand to feed treat. Repeat twice.

    TRY these site:

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