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    Hello! :valentine

    When I originally got my two gerbils, the breeder took them from different litters and assured me that since they were so young, just a few weeks old, that they would bond perfectly well. After about a month, they were perfectly happy with each other, shared a nest, groomed each other, etc.

    Unfortunately, when I saw them this morning I knew something bad had happened. Both gerbils fur was matted, there was some blood, and they were hiding from each other in separate corners of the cage.
    We looked up online on what could have caused this, and many sources have said that its typical at age six months for a pair that was introduced to each other, to split at this age. So, we obviously separated them so that they could not harm each other but now we’re wondering if we should take them to the vet.

    My agouti, Hunka Munka, is not using one of her front paws, and it is triple the size of her other paw. She is not walking on it, but continues to hobble about and eat and drink. Because it is the weekend, the vet is closed, and we’re wondering if we should take her in tomorrow because of her paw. Is there anything anyone knows about swollen paws due to fighting that could somehow help me out? I really want to make sure she is okay.

    Thanks in advance!



    Definately go to the vet. Fighting injuries can lead to infection. You might want to get two seperate cages and put them by each other so they have company and won’t be able to fight each other. If they get stressed out by this then put the cages away from each other. Good luck with the gerbils.




    yeah sounds like your gerbils declanned. ITs not normal for declanning to accure though. Usually declanning is caused by stress. I have had a trio declan before because the older one was dieing. If you changed cages, litter, food anything that might cause them stress this can happen. Sometimes if you have a split cage you can keep them like that and try to introduce them again. Sometimes they just prefer to be alone. I would keep them separated though. Better alive and alone then together and end up dead. Also i would take them to the vet for that paw. If they were just scratched or bit you could put neosporin on those cuts. I use it and it has never once harmed my pets. Helps them heal up faster. But a swollen paw is serious and should be taken to a vet. I hope both your gerbils are alright.

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