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    I am heading to the local pet store today, which is either petsmart or petco, to look for a pet rat. I know a lot of people would say to get a rat from a rescue center but the closest one is almost 2 hours away while the pet store is 10 minutes.
    If I were to buy rats how are ways to tell if the rats are healthy?



    By not going to a pet store… A good rat rescue will only give away healthy rats and you will be giving them a good home. Check out
    They can help you with basic care and finding you adoptable, problem-free, healthy rats.



    I have gotton feeder rats from pet stores as pets many times. Its personally up to you where you get rats from. But make sure you know the general basics before getting rats. Like they are social and you should get at least 2. They need big cages, not huge for just 2 but bigger then a hamster/gerbil/mouse cage definatly. I would suggest you do some research before purchasing a rat. Its always wise to do so before purchasing any animal as a pet. That way you do know what to look for health wise and so on. The website Dash gave you is a very good website. I suggest reading that before you get them.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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