pics! Need to know a bit about my atiel

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    I want to know what mutation ( i believe its a normal grey but others say pied )
    and if its a male or female.

    or if unable to tell by color how i can tell personality wise or other ways




    Others are right. It is not a normal grey. A normal grey is much darker in the grey & has only a yellow face, yours has yellow parts allo over. You have a Platinum pied c0ckatiel.

    You cannot visually these ones.

    Characteristics cannot be guaranteed either however as a general rule, males like to talk & whistle & they show off. Females are somewhat quieter, prefer snuggles, don’t talk but with a great deal of effort some can learn to whistle.

    As the male begins to mature he will start to display ‘heart shaped’ wings as he walks around, shows off in front of a mirror or to you etc…

    This is a male normal grey showing off with heart shape wings:

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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