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    Well I got 3 new female platys today. They are doing great with my others. I still don’t have pictures. I charged batteries but they still wouldnt work. I think I need new rechargables. But I will post all my platys names and their colors.

    Ponyo – golden wagtail

    Sosuke – black and white not sure what its called

    Sushi – golden mozaic (hes more red then gold)

    Calypso – marble (lots of blue/green and black)

    Finn – king cobra

    Hydra – redtail white calico

    Bubbles – blue

    at least now if you wanna look up what they look like you can lol. I need to really buy more batteries for my camera. They are all doing wonderfully. I do fear for Sosuke and Ponyo though. They havnt grown at all. Well Ponyo has grown but Sosuke is the same size. A friend of mine said a platy will reach its adult size when its 6-7 months old. Well I have no idea how long amber had these babies but i would guess they would be 3-4 months now. My friend also said they might have organ damage cuz of the crappy water she kept them in…poor babies. I hope they live but if not at least they have friends and nice fresh clean water and fed and feel loved.

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