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    Last year I got a chinchilla. She was extremely nice, took treat from me, let me pet her, etc. But wouldn’t let me hold her. My mom, kept feeding her treat after treat, so now she recjects them. So it’s not even a reward anymore. Ive never held her, until last week. My friend came over, who also has a chinchilla. She captured her, and let me hold her. She was horrified. Which was expected. I don’t want to hurt her by picking her, because of her bones. But, ever since we got her out, my chinchilla ignores me. I tried to pet her, and give her treats but she rejects me and the treats. All she does is sleep. I know they are nocturnal, but she use to always be out during the day for attention. She keeps biting me, and spraying urine. And now she’s chewing her fur.. Help?

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