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    Hi Everyone, We finally got our little piglet, he is 8 weeks old. I am really going crazy, My german shepherd is crazy with him.. He constantly whines when he is near him. I cant read him, I dont know if he is just very protective of him or if he is jealous or if he wants to just grab him. He does kiss him when I hold him, then there are times where he tries to give him little nips. Seems like he is trying to herd him but I cant take the chance he is to big, I have to keep the piglet in a big crate until I can trust my dog.. Please I can really use some advice…



    first, NEVER leave ANY dog unatended with a pig. at some point, the pig WILL test the pecking order with the dog and the pig will loose because they dont back down. we have several dogs along with 2 pigs. when we got our first pig,we could not trust our standard poodle with the pig. we got her a plastic basket muzzle for her to whare while out with the pigs. she wore that until we were POSITIVE she wouldn’t try to hurt the pig. we got her muzzle at they are a little pricy, but have good quality and fast shipping. I hope this helps.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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