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    My boyfriend and I have two male Degus that are just over a year old and they are our little babies. I noticed about two months ago that one of them was missing fur down the middle of his back, it didn’t look like much but he slowly started to lose more. After doing research we realized it was either because they were bored and the other one was chewing on his fur or they were molting (someone told us that). We moved them into a larger cage and they have sooo much more space and tons of things for them to do so they can’t be bored and I have not noticed his brother playing with his hair anymore, but now we have noticed that the other one is starting to miss fur to! I don’t know whats wrong and I am starting to get really freaked out because they are our little babies and I really don’t want something to be wrong with them. Is this normal? Do Degu’s really molt? Will the hair grow back? I am really thinking about calling a vet but I won’t be able to call until Monday. We have been doing everything right and doing everything in our power to keep them happy and healthy. They are both very active healthy looking degus other then missing fur and it is a straight line down their backs with what I would call peach fuzz. I just don’t get it. Can someone please help or give me an idea as to what could be wrong??


    Three mice boys

    Don’t worry about them it might be there getting used to each other or are the brothers or partners or something?! 🙂 I hope it does not go on like this:(:heartbeat

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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