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    Hi everyone. I have a problem with my Cavalier King Charles Abby (7 1/2 months) and I need all of your help. PLEASE read and see if you might know what this is. I am in agony not knowing….

    She has been having strange ‘episodes’ as I call them. During her ‘episodes’ she will previously have been laying down and then she gets up starts turning in circles frantically and then starts crying and wailing. She looks as if she doesn’t want to sit down and is very uncomfortable and in pain. Each episode lasts about 10-20 seconds. She runs for my arms and won’t calm down until I hold her and she will be still and stop crying. It still takes her awhile to finally sit down. Then she will stay still for minutes in my arms. I don’t know if she is still in pain at this point or just scared/upset. During two episodes I noticed that when I touched her lower back she screamed louder. So I suppose the pain in coming from somewhere on her back/sides/or rear end. I don’t have a clue! During the day I notice she will whip around and scratch her back near her tail with her mouth. Sometimes she whips around and doesn’t scratch, but acts as though she wants to. I don’t know if she is just itchy (she has skin allergies- but are getting progressively better) or if this might have something to do with her episodes and her pain in that region. She had had 4 of these episodes. The last one was last night and a week before, then 2 weeks before, then a month or 2 before. So it seems like it is getting more frequent. The pain only seems to be for a short time, other than that she seems perfectly normal. Hyper, spunky, good appetite, etc.

    Does anyone know what this might be??? I have a feeling if I take her to the vet now he won’t know what is wrong. But I feel like there is something going on here. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!



    Aww poor Abbey. It sounds to me maybe she has dammaged her back a little or her nerves are being pinched. Thats is just what I think, I’m not a vet. I hope that my advice isnt that bad. Good luck, Angus



    She needs to be seen by a vet as soon as possible. It could be something very serious.



    Sounds very similar to a pancreatitus attack. I would definately be taking her to a vet as soon as possible to get to the bottom of it!



    Any updates on how Abby is doing?

    Sounds like it could just be her allergies acting up. Is she on any allergy medication?

    Spinal and intervertebral disc disorders or injuries will usually cause consistant pain and some degree of lameness.

    I would take her to a vet as soon as possible. Vets are trained in diagnostics, and should be able to take intermittent symptoms into consideration.



    I know you are not going to want to hear this but I had a King Charles Cavalier and she died when she was five years old from tumors.
    These dogs have a typical life span of eight years and usually die from cancer and or tumors.
    Sandie did the same thing she would get up all the sudden yelping like she was in pain this lasted about two years and during the time period she developed a rather large tumor on her breast and had to have surgery to remove it and the doctor felt like she might have had a few on her ovaries but we couldn’t afford to have her examined to see if anymore were present during the surgery.
    My dad had been laid off and couldn’t find another job so we had to do what we could afford for her and sadly it wasn’t enough I would definitely take the dog and get her checked out as soon as possible to avoid further complications.
    This particular species is prone to cancer and tumors more so than others that I have had.

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