Please will you vote for Mischief? He got into the final 12!!

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    I entered a competition a few months ago, Burgess star of the show and I entered Mischief. 🙂 HE GOT INTO THE FINAL 12!! 😯 :love: 😀 If we win we’ll get a photo shoot and he’ll be a little star. :love: The prize also includes £500 and I can’t explain how much that will help me and him. 😥

    As you may know he is a dental bunny, I’m 15 and earn £15 a week which is a big struggle to afford his vet care. My parents pay for his operations and I have to pay them back and by the time I’ve paid off one op, it’s time for another one. 😥 I love him and wont let him suffer and will continue to help pay off these vet bills. The money will help me pay off his vet bills, have money saved up for his upcoming ones and upcoming vaccinations and of course I will be able to treat them and donate to rescues! 😀

    Please, please will you vote for him?

    It will mean so much to us. :love: The entries were chosen based on the lifestyle and care we have for our bunnies and this is part of my entry if you’re interested. When I entered his tooth problems weren’t as frequent and I had blossom at the time. 😥

    Hello, I’m emailing to enter my rabbit Mischief into the star of the show competition. I’m entering him because I love him and my other 2 rabbits more than anything! He is a gorgeous English cross breed rabbit and we have been through so much together. He lives with his sister Tinkebell and they live in a large set up. A 7 x 5ft shed with an attached 8.5 x 7ft aviary style run that my dad built. I have attached a photo of it. I believe rabbits should have as much space and exercise as possible because they should be happy and be able to strech their large back legs.

    My rabbits are fed burgess excel adult pellets and they get the recommended amount, an egg cup full each in the mornings. In the evenings they are given fresh vegetables and of course they have hay at all times, usually meadow hay. They are often treated to the burgess herbage and forage hay too which they love! They also get supervised free range time in my garden and they get to eat the grass which they enjoy. Their water bottles are refilled with fresh water every day.

    Mischief is a very friendly rabbit and has such a lovely nature. He loves everyone and has never shown aggression towards me. Unfortunately in the past he had a dental problem which meant his front teeth kept growing and having to be burred down. After a talk with our vet, we decided it would be much better for mischief to have his front teeth removed. He is much happier with no incisors now and eats just fine. His vegetables do have to be cut up but that’s not a problem, I love my bunny so will do anything for him. Now he has his teeth out, he is an extrememly healthy rabbit. In the future he may have to have his back molars burred down but for now our vet has told us they are fine and he is a very healthy rabbit. I health check my rabbits daily and if there are any problems I make sure my rabbits are seen by a vet but thankfully there’s been no problems apart from Mischief’s teeth.

    All my rabbits are vaccinated against myximotosis (6 monthly) and VHD (yearly) and when they go for their vaccinations, they have a full health check by the vet. Mischief is also neutered and both my female rabbits are spayed.

    My rabbits mean everything to me and I don’t know where I’d be without them, I love them so much and I really hope that Mischief will be considered to be the Star of the Show!

    This is where they live:

    And here’s Mischief :love:



    Yes! He is a gorgeous cross breed indeed!!! =)

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