putting my beloved lab to sleep at 1pm

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    I really can’t find words right now, for I am broken….but I thought if I just posted this that I can find the strength to get through this time.

    We will be putting our 14 year old lab, Stonewall Jackson to sleep today. He has led a wonderful life, and was my first “baby”. He has been by my side through everything, and no matter what the situation, he ended the day with a wag of the tail and head on my lap.

    He has been suffering from hip arthritis and also a collapsed lara. We have to pick him up from a laying position, and even though he always greets us with a tail wag and happiness, you can just see that he was not himself.

    It has been a long, hard decision that needed to be made, and I can only hope I am making the right one. He is laying next to me right now and I am spending the last few hours with him. I will be by his side while he is put down, for how could I not, for he was by mine all these years. I am devastated and broken, for I am losing a good friend.

    I just needed to post this, to get it out, and to hopefully be able to make it through this. Thank you for listening.




    that is very sad. I also had to do the same to my lifelong (15 year old lab!) pet, and I just couldn’t bear to do it. A lot of my friends told me that it was the kindest thing to do. Thankfully, she seemed to have understood my dilemma and didn’t let me go through with it. A day before we had an appointment with the vet, she snuggled to me and slept with her head on my lap… the next thing I knew, she was no longer breathing.]


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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