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    We have 2 Golden Retriever dogs.
    Our 10 year old we just moved from Kirkland Adult food to Mature. No problems.

    We also have a 1 year old puppy that we just moved from Puppy food to Adult.

    Our problem is….
    The puppy does not like the adult food.
    She use to eat her portion within a couple mins.
    Now she will eat some of it and walk away.
    The other day she ate most of it and I left her outside to eat the rest but she would not touch it. There was only about 10 nibbles worth left. So I took a small handful of the mature dog food and put it with it.
    She gobbled it right down.

    She has also been getting sick at times.
    We thought it was her eating the string from some toys but wondering if it is the food.

    As I said she is just a year old the last month.
    Can we put her back on the puppy food for awhile?
    Would it hurt to feed her mature food?

    We are feeding her the Chicken and Rice right now which is what her puppy good was.
    Do you think the Lamb and Rice would make a difference?
    I’d hate to by a big bag and it go to waste. But then I guess we could feed it to our 10 year old.




    She must be loving the chicken & rice!

    Puppy specific dog food help support the nutrition a growing dog’s needs. This usually is a high-quality growth-diet type. While adult dog foods and older dog foods contain more of what they need when they get older. With my dogs- my vet said to make the switch after 10 months (anywhere between 6 months – 18 months is fine depending on the dog).

    Your puppy could be wanting the mature food due to age, nutrition or she just plain likes the adult food. You could probably just call your vet (perhaps without a visit) and explain the problem. Some puppies eat fast & some slow, keep the food down a little bit longer & see if she returns to it. Keep the food down for no more than 20 mins. Remove, even if she didn’t eat it & try again at dinner. If she’s hungry- she will eat it. Does her eating habits change?? Some puppies can go through some eating spurts & finicky phases.

    Personally, if your puppy doesn’t have all her adult teeth, I’d try to stick to the puppy foods. Try a variety- different flavors within the same brand or try wet mixed into her dry. (The unused wet can go in the frig.) Also you can try to pour a bit of chicken broth over her puppy food. (About 2 tablespoons and mix. Yum). Easy on the treats.

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