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    Okay, I decided after researching rats for a while that i did not want to force them to eat commercial mixes so i tried out the sue bee diet. I felt like there were more options out there that i wanted to try so i found all homemade diets posted on line in blogs and such and made a diet out of the most common ingredients listed. Please tell me what you think about it, like changes i should make regarding ingredients, amount, excreta.

    Note: basically everything is purchased at whole foods cept for total cereal and wacky mac.
    I took out all soy products and corn even though more then three other recipes used them because both can be hurtful to rats health. (or so i’ve heard)
    I offer them mazuri lab blocks but they refuse to eat them unless nothing is left

    Puffed rice cereal (arrowhead mills) 3/4cup
    Puffed wheat cereal (arrowhead mills) 1 1/2 cup
    Sunflower seeds 1 tbsp
    Regular old fashioned rolled oats 2 tbsp
    split peas 1/4 cup
    Banana chips 1 tbsp (yes i know they’re fried but freeze-dried is too expensive)
    Spiral pasta (wacky mac)+ whole wheat pasta (365 daily value) 11 peices
    Hemp plus granola 3 tbsp
    Cranberries 1/2 tbsp (my rats don’t care for them)
    Pumpkin seeds 1/8 cup
    Total cereal 1/4 cup (they really don’t care for this)

    buying all this costs me about $50 and last me aprox. more or less 4 months

    this is for two girl rats about 1 years old

    Thank you for the input, on my recipe only!:)

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