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    My family and I have been debating on whether to get a guinea pig or not for awhile now and we do want to get one.
    Now we’ve never had a pet before except a couple of fishes, so I don’t know anything about pets really. I know that some people would prefer us to adopt a pet instead of buying one, but the nearest adoption center is almost 2 hours away from here, but the closest pet store is 10 minutes.
    Now on to my questions. What do I need to get for the guinea pig? Will I need to buy 2 guinea pigs so it has a companion? I know that the guinea pig will need a pretty big cage with food and water, but what else? Is there different kinds of breeds of guinea pigs that I should be looking for? Does the guinea pig need to get any shots or go to the vet before they go home, or can we bring him/her home and keep it for a few days before going to a vet?
    I also have some restrictions, I have 3 kids, 17, and two under 10. They all go to school in the morning and come back around 3 in the afternoon, will this present any problems?

    Thanks to whoever answered that huge wall of text.



    Please check out: [url]http://pig/[/url] –For cage information –Care info

    Guinea pigs are expensive but worthwhile pets. Keep in mind that you need at least two, they are highly social much like humans.



    Yeah guinea pigs are pretty expensive pets to keep much like rabbits and cats and dogs are. They need a strict diet which can cause health issues if its not followed. You need at least 2 because they are social. They need a pretty huge cage. Being that your just getting into pets I am not sure if guinea pigs are for you. But if you willing to put in the effort to clean up after these critters and get them a huge cage and feed them the proper diet then I see nothing wrong with you getting a pair. I suggest take a few weeks or months researching these animals before rushing into anything. See if they are really the pet for you or if you would be happier and better off with a pet that isnt so high maintenance. If you have any other questions feel free to ask.



    I would say that I love owning guinea pigs!! Yes I would sat that they are a lot of work, but it is so worth it. I love watching them everyday is different. I have 5 and it can get pricey. I feed them fresh veggies every morning. they love to eat lots of hay. good luck with that.



    Hey, I’m looking for a friend/mate for my boar Pumpkin, but I dont know what sex get. I’ve heard that same sex piggies relationships dont last very long, espaically in males, but i dont want babies. What should I get?

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