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    Shortly after I spayed my one year old female rabbit, Oreo, she began using a corner of her cage for the bathroom. Taking the hint that she was ready to be litter trained, I bought a litter box and put it in that corner. At first she was very good about it, mostly only going in her box. However, over the next month or so, her diligence began deteriorating. I can’t be certain of what caused this because at the time someone was watching her for me and I could only see her a few times a week. It seems as though she decided she liked her litter box better as a bed than a litter box. In an attempt to fix this, I got a straw bed and put it in the other corner. She seemed to like it and didn’t defecate in it at all (thank god) but she didn’t start using her litter box properly again either. I’m not sure what to do to get her to use it. She seems to just go pretty much anywhere she pleases. If anyone has any suggestions or tips on getting her to use the litter box again, please let me know! Thanks 🙂

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