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    What sex rabbit can you put together without fighting? Or can you put males together and in another cage put females.
    Thank you.




    hi pat..

    sometimes even neutered males and spayed females fight when they are first introduced together. It varies from rabbit to rabbit.

    There are ways to introduce them together such as..taking both for car rides and carefully monitering them. Put them somewhere unfamiliar. Tht might help too.

    More detailed infomation on how to intro rabbits can be found at the House rabbit website. [url=”http://www.rabbit.org.”]www.rabbit.org.[/url]




    Yes I have never had any success in introducing same sex mature rabbits unless they have been male neutered that has not proven to be a problem, however it would be possible to house “litter mates” eg, two brothers together but this would not be a long term solution either as they too will fight when they get those hormones and could seriously injure each other it may be possible to keep them together for quite a while but you will find that one day those two buddies just want to fight and you don’t want that!
    Of course male and female get on great but you wont want that unless you want hundreds of cages separating all the offspring!
    I would suggest getting two neutered males and introducing them slowly they should be ok, I would keep them in separate cages at first next to each other so they get used to each others smell and presence and after a week or so work on introducing them in neutral territory (somewhere where neither rabbit has been before) and go from there…
    Good Luck



    Thank you all for the suggestions….I do appreciate it. We had two females together at the nursing home and they did fight once but after that best buddies.
    Thanks again.

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