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    The new baby rat was looking a little to lonely. She just huddled in the corner not acting like the playfull baby we saw at the pet store. And we couldnt leave her like that so we got her a little friend. Another adorable little thing she was delighted to see. She instantly ran over to her and started to groom her. She totally perked up to her normal little playfull baby self. We are so happy we got her a friend and i do not recommed separating a young rat of her age from its playmates. I dont know how on earth paople can put a baby rat in with a snake or other rodent eating creatures. I wanted to buy the entire colony of baby rats and would of if i had the room to keep them. People are so sick you think they would have a brain enough to buy their vipers frozen rats and would probably save them money as well. Anyways, im proud to present babies little friend….


    TaDa… I am sorry if i offended anybody with my words it was not intentional was just speaking my mind and opinions.



    OMG she is soooooooooo adorable!!!!!!



    Thank you , she is even cutier in person. You can be sure we will be snapping some great pics of the girls.



    Are you eventualy going to introduce them to Dot?



    awww! Very cute!



    awwww shes cute!! Yes in 2 or 3 weeks once you know they are healthy you should intro them with dot. Just like the babies she is probably lonely too and wants someone to play with.



    Shes so cute. Congrats on the new baby
    I’m glad now they’re both happy. I’ve found it’s also a lot easier to tame them when they are together, i’ve never completely tamed any rat until they had a friend.



    Awww she is very cute and so tiny =)



    We will introduce them to dot when they can no longer fit through the cage bars dot is in. Thanks everybody for looking.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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